Why Did You Unfriend Me?

There are a couple of reasons I could think of that I will likely unfriend you. The first is if you said something that would be extremely offensive to me. This will likely include racist or extremist thoughts. Also, abuse of animals, or people will also get you unfriended. And needless to say, if you said something that was an insult directed to me, that would get you unfriended.

The second reason is we are not really friends. This will be determined if we hadn’t had any communication in at least 3 months. When I accept someone’s friend request, I will check their ¬†about section for contact information. If I don’t see any, then I have no other choice, but to wait for the person to reach out to me. If there is no contact within a few months, I will likely have to consider that we aren’t friends. And think about it, if we aren’t communicating with each other – are we really friends, or just two people that can be civil with each other in the same space?