I Don’t Want to Disclose My Email

I do not communicate via the messaging systems of any social network I may be a part of. It is simple as to why. First, I get an email telling me that I have a message. I don’t know who the message is from. So, now I have to go to the network’s website, and log in to see who wrote me. Then I have to reply, and type a message that will possibly be limited in the number of characters, and then send. I then have to hope the system didn’t have any glitches that would cause my message to be sent which means all of the effort was a waste of time.

The idea that you don’t want to disclose your email address because you are afraid that I would use some technomagic powers to learn everything about you is complete nonsense. I had the same email since 2005, and have yet to have a stalker find out my private residence address. They will know my mailing address because I allow it. I don’t disclose my residence to even shippers. I use a little mailbox in a Private MailBox center.

Now, if you still are worried that I am some magical being, then fine. Get a dedicated email address for your correspondence to me. You can create something like jd329d2duewh4@gmail.com, and I would not be able to discern anything from that jibberish of an email address. One nice thing is you can collect gmail with a standard client, but since I have magical powers, you will probably want to use the webmail interface.

In the long run, if you insist that we use the social network’s messaging platform, that will not happen. You can create a unique email address of gibberish, and give that address to me. You can then go to the email provider’s webmail interface if you want to do the extra steps on writing a message.